Vladimir G. Dimitrov
Personal record:

Date of birth:


Place of birth:

Sofia, Bulgaria



  Marital status:

  Married, one daughter


phone: (+359 2) 979-6615
e-mail: vgd@acad.bg
ICQ# 5197738

Skype: vladogd

office address:
Sofia - 1113, Bulgaria
"acad. Georgi Bonchev str.", bl. 25A, room 201


University of Plovdiv, Master's degree in mathematics with special courses of programming; - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

7th High School with Numerical methods and programming subject studied - Sofia, Bulgaria


English, Russian

Job history in brief:

Over 20 years of experience as a Software Engineer, accomplished in software development of MS Windows and MS DOS applications. 
Good documentation and help-authoring skills.
Over 3 years of experience in an ISO 9001 certified international software company.

Research associate in Bulgarian Academy of Science.

System and network administrator in Bulgarian Academy of Science.

Assistant professor in Sofia University and New Bulgarian University

(subjects: Computer Networks, Internet Concepts, Computer Architectures).

Programming languages:

MS Visual C/C++ (MFC, ATL, COM, OLE DB, DAO, ADO, .Net),
MS Visual Basic ,

Borland Pascal
and Intel’s 80x86 Assembler.

MS Windows API and Multimedia commands (MCI).

Basic knowledge of Java (Sun JDK), JavaScript / HTML and PHP.

Basic knowledge of MS .Net framework.

Business Programs:

Deep knowledge with the most popular software packages for PC - MS Office including: Excel+VBA and Word, database Access and OLE Automation.

Distributed systems:

MS DCOM and CORBA (Orbix 2000 and Mico)

Gird middleware LCG 2 and gLite.

Participating in EU FP6/FP7, 2020 projects:
EGEE 1, 2 and 3 (http://www.eu-egee.org) and
SEE-GRID projects (http://www.see-grid.eu).
EGI projects (http://www.egi.eu).
PSIRP project (http://www.psirp.org/).
SysSec project (http://www.syssec-project.eu/).
Vi-SEEM project (https://vi-seem.eu/).


MS SQL server, Oracle, MySQL.

Teamwork tool:

MS SourceSafe

Visual Modelling tool:

Basics of “Rational Rose” suite.

Other experience:

Operating systems: Linux, OS VAX VMS, UNIX / QNX, Sun Solaris, and IBM OS/2 Warp.

Shell scripting.

Storage systems management.

MS Help Workshop

Design patterns and UML

Graphics: CorelDraw!, PaintShop Pro
Audio processing programs

Adobe PostScript language

Network administration of TCP/IP, MS Windows and Novel networks.

Participating in EU FP7 projects: PSIRP and SysSec.

Experience as a supporter in Global Grid User Support (GGUS)

Deep knowledge of IBM PC hardware and peripherals.

Experience as a project leader.
Experience as a University lecturer.
Experience as a teacher in mathematics and informatics in high school.


Brainbench public transcript:

Personal type in 
Jung-Myers-Briggs typology: 
http://www.humanmetrics.com/ )

Introverted: 33%
Sensing:     33%
Thinking:    67%
Judging:      1%


 Bridge, biking, jazz, rock.

( 2017 )